Autour de Marguerite

Autour de Marguerite

A market! A church!

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A market! A church!

Called Place de l’église by everyone who spoke of it, the square was still waiting for its church in 1901. The church may have “brought much more trade and traffic to the area”. In the mean time, the parish of Sacré-Cœur met in a cramped room in rue du Noyer.

Project of a church for the Square © Universiteitsbibliotheek Gent BIB.P.014028

The City of Brussels though, with its at the time liberal tendencies, opposed the construction of a church on the square. In 1901, it opened a morning market and christened it Marché Ste-Marguerite. The aim was to attract passers-by to square Marguerite for their shopping, and that the inhabitants would forget about the church. 

© Archives of the City of Brussels, J182

The small Ste-Marguerite market was open every morning, except Sunday. It sold fruit and vegetables and all manner of things to eat. 

Coll. Christian Dekeyser

Until 1905 the question of a church was regularly raised. But bit by bit, the local inhabitants, even the parishioners, were not ready to give Square Marguerite away :

«  It would be regrettable if the wonderful square, which serves everyone so well as a parade ground, as a place for celebrations and games of all kinds, would be relinquished.  We are sure that the shopkeepers of the square benefit enormously from the parties that are held there, much more so than baptisms, weddings and burials. Leave the square as it is, without any more buildings, but add a double row of chestnut trees or plane trees as well as a dozen benches. This is the wish of many of the Nord-Estois. »

Bruxelles Nord-Est, 22/9/1901 ( © Archives of the City of Brussels, J182)


It is then recommended to build the Sacré-Coeur church amongst the houses, which will be done in rue Le Corrège.

In 2021 a new market, Le marché Marguerite, has opened, 120 years later! It operates every Wednesday afternoon.