Autour de Marguerite

Autour de Marguerite

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1899 : A newspaper stand was built at the bottom of the Square. At the other side, for a long time there had been a urinal. Public toilets were installed in the changing room of the sports ground in 1946.

Coll. Christian Dekeyser

1901 : A public telephone was installed at the top of the square (it worked with a key which one had to get from locals or neighbourhood policemen). This was followed by a phone box using coins or a card from 1923 to 2015.

Coll. Christian De Keyser.

1902 : Two parking places were planned for horse-drawn carriages. From 1896 trams coming from place Saint-Josse on their way to Tervuren stopped here. Until 1955, tram 77 had its terminus at square Marguerite. Many trams passed through the square, before being replaced by buses in 1965.

1902 à 1939 : A sub post-office was situated at the top of the square (at no 29 then from nos 19-20).

Coll. Christian Dekeyser

1905 : The Square was officially designed as a playground ‘to enable the children of the city become fitter and to enable their physical development’. A number of sporting competitions took place. Until 1946, balle au tamis and balle pelote; later on, fencing, basketball, volleyball and handball. 

Coll. J.-M. Schrynemaeker

1897 : A pharmacy was established at no 3, successively ran by pharmacists Proot, Defgnée, Michel, Moreau and Hoc. Georges Michel, a pharmacist- footballer, played for the Red Devils at an international level. He died in a car accident in 1928. The Pharmacie Michel kept his memory alive until 1969. At no 4, Tullie Demarez, his wife, became the first doctor on the square from 1929 to 1960. Before the doctors arrived, the pharmacists were the first port of call when there were accidents in the square.

1945 : The first laundry appeared in the square. This enabled families to give their laundry to be done outside. In 1966, a launderette with automatic washing machines, Quick Wash, was established at no 8.  In 2010 its successor arrived at no 30.

© Photo G. Gigante.