Autour de Marguerite

Autour de Marguerite

Square Marguerite 24-25

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Square Marguerite 24-25


Auguste Duchamps, a plumber, had already bought the land and built a corner house in 1895. He rented it to Butcher Firmin, who started a up a butcher’s shop in 1897, followed a year after by his colleague Materne.

Coll. Christian Dekeyser

In 1903, Auguste Duchamps established himself in his house. He worked from his house where he had his workshop. On the front of the building, he painted the words ‘Eau’ and ‘Gaz’ (Water and Gas) because in those days plumbers also installed pipework for gas lighting and heating ‘on all floors’.

His wife helped him. She sold household goods until 1925. Widowed in 1927, she continued with her business until 1930. (Another plumber, Olbrechts, set up his business on the Square at that time). She lived upstairs in the building until 1935.

Coll. Christian Dekeyser. Detail.


The charcutier Loeycx bought the ground floor. In 1938, La Maison Ardennaise succeeded him : they also sold cured meats. In that time, most of the pork rearing businesses were set up in the Ardennes, with the exception of a few pigs which were raised for personal use. It wasn’t long before Ardennes smoked ham as well as the Ardennais sausage, country bacon, smoked bacon etc  found their way to Brussels.

In 1987, curing trays were still found in the cellar !

The butcher of La Maison Ardennaise, whose name was presumably Arnold ou Arnould had some problems with the occupant during the Second World War.

Around 1935, the butcher’s shop at the back. Coll. Christian Dekeyser.


The wine, tobacco and spirit merchant J. Van Damme opened his shop.. It was the only shop of its type in the area and was very busy ! He kept it going until 1975 and it was the last shop to operate from numbers 24 and 25.