Autour de Marguerite

Autour de Marguerite

The estaminets at the top of the Square

During 65 years, estaminets have been established at the top of the square, at the corners of the buildings no. 17-23.

At number 17, the initial cabaret becomes a café-cum-distillery, then a brasserie which also sold wine, called Au Nouveau Siecle. It was taken over by a M. Th. Decabooter in 1907. He sold it to a M. Laenen in 1924 who kept it going until 1938. Ballplayers of the square used to come together here.

© Archives de la Ville de Bruxelles, J182.

In 1938, a former cycling champion, Louis Mottiat takes it over and gives it his name. It is soon the clubhouse of the Union Cycliste Nord-Est.

After the war, it becomes the Brasserie du Ballodrome, that disappears when the buildings will be build. The children of the neighbourhoud considered it as the home of the local drunkards…

Coll. Christian Dekeyser.

At the other end of the square, at no 23, La Brasserie de l’Union took over from a cabaret and wine bar. Two ladies ran the bar, Ms. Degueldre and Ms. Heraly from 1930-1939. Ms. Degueldre was the cabaret curator from 1922-1923. (her husband made women’s clothing from the same address). After the war, it continued operating under the name, Brasserie de l’Esplanade.

The site was developed in 1965 and a pharmacy was built in its place.

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