Autour de Marguerite

Autour de Marguerite

Square Marguerite

IIn 1853, the City of Brussels annexed the land to the North East of the city. Twenty years later, the city engineer Théophile de Jamblinne de Meux and architect Gédéon Bordiau drew up a plan to encompass the squares, which were to be dominated by a church on Square Marguerite.

The Bordiau plan, 1875. © Archives of the City of Brussels, PP953.

From the year 1893, all the land around Square Marguerite was put up for sale.

1888. Private collection

The construction work began in 2 places: at the bottom and at the top of the square. In 1987, the first residents moved in.

1897. © Photo Arthur Verhelle.

In 1901 a very high telephone mast was erected in the upper part of the square. By 1902, the former mobile kiosk of the Grand-Place was permanently moved here. In 1903, lime trees were planted around the square, now totally built up and with its final look. The square was mainly populated by property owners, employees, pub owners and shop owners: some 200 inhabitants in total with 61 households.

Circa 1904. Coll. Christian Dekeyser.

While the square was used as a space for a variety of demonstrations and sporting competitions, the kiosk was used as a place for concerts, often for Belgian National Day.

A balle pelote game in 1926. Private collection

In March 1941, the city of Brussels asked the unemployed to level the ground and build the steps. 

1941. From “Le Pays Réel”. © CEGESOMA, KB\JB 1023.

In 1943, an air-raid shelter was built between the playground and the electric sub-station, underneath the current passageway. Access was on either side of the kiosk. The former kiosk was replaced by one made of brick and wrought iron.

1943. © Archives of the City of Brussels, NPP V-2-01

After the war, there were sporting changing rooms added underground to replace the former shelter. Square Marguerite became a sports ground. You could play balle pelote, balle au tamis, outdoor fencing, basketball, volleyball, handball, etc.

A handball match in 1976. © Photo Giovanni Gigante.

From 1963, several of the old houses were replaced with modern apartment blocks. The current sports and playground dates back to 1995.

1977. © Photo Urban.Brussels – Bruciel.Brussels

Starting in 2018, the group of residents Autour de Marguerite, with the help of the pupils of Emile Jacqumain Primary School, planted several rows of raspberry canes both in the passage way and along the fencing. In the autumn of 2019, the group were given the keys of the former kiosk, where they started off the vegetable garden and orchard.

Visit card of “Autour de Marguerite”.

In April 2021, the City of Brussels opened a weekly Farmer’s Market at the bottom of the Square, the “Marché Marguerite/Margeretamarkt”.