Autour de Marguerite

Autour de Marguerite

Square Marguerite 8

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Square Marguerite 8


The first apartment block on the Square was built at number 8. On the 4 floors were employers, traders and insurers. On the ground floor was the Grande Pâtisserie Regina.

Its owner, Jules Devos, knew how to publicize his shop! The newspaper Le Soir announced the opening of the pâtisserie. In the gable of the shop, visible from the bottom of the Square, a huge advertisement had been painted. It was also one of the first companies to have a telephone.

Coll. Christian Dekeyser

Jules Devos was a member of the Union of pastry chefs of Belgium.

© Archives of the City of Brussels, J 182.

This cooperative made group purchases of raw materials and produced their own chocolate (bars of chocolate, pralines, Easter eggs, cocoa powder) as well as confectionery (sweets, fondants etc).  

Coll. Sophie Wittemans

In 1913, Octave Vals, the former pastry chef of Jules Devos, takes over.

© Archives of the City of Brussels, J182

The ladies of the Square enjoyed all his french pastries, gosettes, moka, miserable, eclairs, orange cakes and strawberryflans… Orange was a rarity in those days! There were Danish pastries for breakfast and icecream in the summer.

© Archives of the City of Brussels, J182


The Lambert chemist, initially established at no. 6 (and then at nr. 4 rue van Campenhout) settled back in the Square. On the gable, one reads now : “Lampert, couleurs et vernis”.

They sell paint, varnishes and toiletries.

The chemist shop will be run by Ms E. Annens until 1937, and by the widow Dupont until 1960.


Quick Wash, the first automatic laundrette in the area, established itself here.

© Photo Giovanni Gigante, 1967.