Autour de Marguerite

Autour de Marguerite

Denunciation on the Square

Before and during the Second World War, Emile Verteneuil lived at number 26 Square Marguerite, with this parents. He was a previous neighbour of Maison Ardennaise at number 26, at the corner of the Square and rue des Patriotes.

Later (around 1980), he told his neighbours the story of the butcher. The story concerned some English pilots the butcher had hidden during the war. One day, someone gave them away to the Gestapo because  they had heard English songs being sung from the street. The two teenage children of the butcher were taken as hostage and they forced their parents to speak. They were sent to one of the camps and were never seen again.

Coll. Christian Dekeyser.

However, La Maison Ardennaise continued to trade immediately after the war.

And it is very difficult to establish the identity of the butcher. Was he Armand Arnould, from Rochefort, a travelling salesman who sold Ardennes charcuterie in 1941 ? An A. Arnould or Arnold lived at number 27 until 1953.

Who remembers this and would be in a position to confirm this story ? Or provide more details?